Pastured Laying Hens-- NOFA-NY Certified Organic Eggs

We have 120 mixed breed flock of heritage layers. They live in a Chicken Mobile that is moved around the farm to fresh pasture regularly. These forage raised laying hens eat an abundance of grasses, legumes and bugs, as well as supplemental grain feedings, from Green Mountain certified organic layer feed that is also GMO free. Our hens have diets that are rich in natural proteins, Omega 3's from forages and sunlight, making our eggs rich in Omega 3, and vitamin D. Our eggs are hand collected and hand washed daily, and boxed in a beautiful array of colors. Did you know that each chickens eggs are a slightly different color?

Grass Fed and Pasture Raised Meats

NOFA-NY certified organic Pastured Poultry

We raise a slow growing roasting chicken called Red Bro. They are incredible foragers and offer high quality dark and light meat. All our Chickens are raised in mobile chicken houses which are moved daily. These birds are forage raised, meaning they are eating grasses, and legumes and bugs. Additionally we feed Green Mountain organic feed, that is also GMO free. Chickens that are forage raised have high amounts of Omega 3's found in the grasses, making pastured poultry not only extremely delicious but also highly nutritious.