The objective for our Working Student Program is to  allow young Equine enthusiasts to immerse themselves fully into all aspects of running and managing a full care boarding and training facility with a focus on Dressage. This internship provides a platform where students can learn and develop the skills necessary to not only manage a busy boarding facility, but to hone ones skills in many aspects : 

Horse care, nutrition and Equine Wellness. Understand pasture management, plant health and parasite control. Develop skills on how keep a large facility in tip-top shape, customers happy, and everything running as smoothly as possible. Learn  basic to advanced principles in ground work, lunging, and riding-- Primarily Dressage as a foundation for sound, safe and humane horsemanship. Develop yourself as a rider, learn about biomechanics of horse and rider, the classical training scale and how to apply these principles to various horses, training situations and teaching. Learn the difference and participate in three major aspects of the industry, Rehab, Training/Teaching and Showing. 

Lastly we pride ourselves for being one of the only boarding and training facilities with performance horses in the country that is also a Certified Organic Farm. In addition we are up on all the latest equine health knowledge, including the prevention and management of horses with prevalent conditions, such as; ulcers, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation- through diet, (a whole food organic approach), wellness (e.g. chiropractic, sports medicine and bodywork), high quality care, attention to detail, and a peaceful environment.

We welcome both experienced riders and those with less equine knowledge. A love for learning, horses and a strong sense for TEAMWORK are essential for your stay with us. As a working student you will get to know hard work, the long hours that horse care involves and through your education in Dressage most students learn much about themselves. Horses are the incredible teachers. In order to immerse yourself fully into our program we do ask Students to commit for 1 year or 6 months.



Out Line of responsibilities and schedule:

Work weeks are 5.5 days long. You will have 1.5 days off per week, these days may shift around to accommodate show schedules, hay making etc. Holidays are shared, so do not expect to have every holiday off as the horses need care 365 days per year.
Year-long Students  get 1 week of vacation, TBD with Katrin Derreumaux
6 month students get 3 extra days off, TBD with Katrin Derreumaux
AM chores start at 7am and we generally finish with PM chores between 5 and 6pm, with a generous 1 + hr lunch break.


The flow of a 'Normal ' day is something like this

7am to 10 am:  Am chores ( feeding, Turnout/in, Mucking etc...)

10 am to 12pm :  project, grooming and or riding

12PM:  horses Lunch

Lunch break

1.45pm : Lesson (on lesson days)

3pm:  feeding and pm chores begin

Turnout/in mucking etc...


Tasks will include but are not limited to all aspects of horse, barn and farm care...

What we offer in addition to a rich and in-depth learning experience.

Housing: a private bedroom in a shared house with other working students/interns. all utilities and WIFI are included. The house if OFF farm about a 4 mile drive.
Organic Produce: Seasonal Vegetables, 1doz eggs per wk , 1 frozen chicken per month.
Lessons: 4 Lessons per week with Katrin Derreumaux
Board for 1 horse or you get one of our horses as your 'project horse'
Stipend $800 per month without your own horse, or $700 if you bring a horse as $100 goes towards hay, bedding and grain.

(We are not responsible for any vet or Farrier  costs on privately owned horses.)