From Our Previous Seasons' Liberty Farms Team Members: 

"I had been farming for five years when I started working on Liberty Farms. The most I have ever enjoyed farming was working with Katy on Liberty Farms.  The Farm itself is beautiful and holds great space for the bounty and the quality of vegetables that are grown.  Katy is easy going, a great teacher, creates camaraderie and has an amazing eye for nurturing the crew, the farm, and the soil.  There's lots of work, but the pace is more relaxed than any other place I've worked, including the year I ran my own small CSA. Katy's quality control is incredible, and Liberty Farms produces superior vegetables.  I can't recommend Liberty Farms enough!"

              - Alaina Schwartz, season 2015 Liberty Farms team

"It's hard to confine to a couple of sentences what makes interning at Liberty Farms magical.  For one thing, you're doing it under one of the most experienced farmers you'll ever meet - if you're here to learn, there's no one who knows more.  For another, you're doing it on one of the most beautiful pieces of land in New York State - or anywhere, actually.  For a third - and maybe this is the most important - you're interning with, and on behalf of, some of the most decent people you will ever meet: I mean Mark Cheffo, the owner, and his family; Katy Lince, the head farmer; and the interns who rotate through Liberty Farms.  It's honest work, and genuine community, on behalf of a most worthwhile cause.  The time I spent at Liberty Farms were some of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.

              -Boris Fishman, season 2015 Liberty Farms team



Liberty Farms is a unique farm model in that it has three diverse enterprises on the same organic farm.  'Food' from the garden and farm, 'Art' in the realm of training performance horses, and 'Culture' through the hosting of events.

The Farm is run as a team.  Each team member shares his or her expertise and knowledge to build up this working farm in a sustainable and co-operative manner.  As an apprentice here on the farm, you will work with master gardeners, farmers, naturalists, and entrepreneurs.

We offer farm apprenticeships for the full growing season, and a working student program with horses.

Volunteers are generally welcome with prior communication. 

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