Pasture Board(FULL)

  $525 (plus tax)

 * Pasture board/ 24 h turnout with shed
* Full use of facility
* Hay and grain 2x day,
* Daily check for injuries
* Care for minor injuries
* Daily blanket changes in winter 2x day
* Basic laundry
* Farm stand Membership
* Discount on event space rentals

A-la-Cart add on Services

Individualized Boarding Packages (Fees are billed on a monthly basis)

Package A - $500

*Light Daily Grooming at Turn-in

* Tack up/un tack before and after rides, includes full    grooming before and after, just text 2 hours before with your arrival time.

*Polo wrapping /booting before rides

*Tack cleaning after rides

*Regular bathing/ mane trimming and sheath cleaning/as needed

*PM leg wrapping /Poultice as needed

Package B - $300

* Light daily grooming at Turn-in

* Regular bathing/ mane trimming and sheath cleaning/as needed

*PM leg wrapping /Poultice as needed

Other Services

Daily/ PM leg wrapping /Poultice as needed  $150

Light daily grooming at Turn-in $150

Monthly bath, Mane trim, sheath clean  $50

" I believe in letting horses be horses as well as a high level performance horse. Each horse is treated as an individual and cared for so well. Thank you Liberty Farms and Staff for taking such dedicated care of my guy."  ( a boarder)

We pride ourselves in running a full scale Equestrian Center and Dressage training facility that is 'Stress Free' and has a calm and harmonious environment for the horses in our care, their owners and our staff.

Our Manager/Head Trainer Katrin Derreumaux, her assistant manager and a group of hardworking enthusiastic working students, are dedicated to providing each horse with the highest quality care. Manager lives on the farm, we provide daily late night 'Night Checks' and there is always someone on the farm, so your Equine Friend will be safe and sound at all times.

Our Equestrian Center offers the following boarding options ( listed below).  Unless specifically included, any other services, tasks, or expenses shall be the responsibility of the boarder or will be billed accordingly. We provide high quality mixed grass hay as needed, Whole Food feed program (custom blended for each horse), or a top of the line senior/performance feed and/or ration balancer. NO supplements, medications, special feeds or special hays are included in any level of board.






Boarding at Liberty Farms Equestrian Center

 Full Board

$850 (plus tax)

* Full use of facility
* 12 x 12 Matted stall with straw bedding
* Hay 2-4 times a day
* Grain up to 3 times a day
* Daily stall cleaning and watering
* Turnout on Manager’s schedule/ and sees fit in pairs or group or alone.
* Routine blanketing and booting
* Basic laundry
* Feet checked/picked as horses come in
* Daily check for injuries
* Care for minor injuries
* Night check