About Us

​​​​At Liberty Farms, our mission is simple: to preserve precious, local farmland through diversified farming based on sustainable, organic practices. All of our farm animals, including the horses we board, are fed organic hay straight from our own fields, in addition to top quality, organic grain. All the manure is then composted for future use as compost for our hay fields and vegetable fields. Intensive parasite and pasture management practices are also used throughout the farm. By creating healthy soil, we create a sound basis for thriving plants, animals, and people. ​The strength of the living soil is apparent in the well-being of our animals, and in the beauty and flavor of our vegetables and produce.


Owners of Liberty Farms - Mark and Beverly Cheffo

Gardener, Events, Liberty Farms Management Team leaders

Equestrian Manager - Katrin Derreumaux

Equestrian Manager, Dressage Rider/Trainer/Instructor, Biodynamic Farmer, Liberty Farms Management Team

Katrin manages the Equestrian Center, and also teaches and trains our dedicated working students on how to become professionals in the equine industry. Katrin brings with her many years of experience caring for horses in all different settings, from Grand Prix dressage show barns, to therapeutic riding stables. Her wealth of knowledge in equine nutrition, equine bio-mechanics, and organic farming are vital to keeping the horses very happy and healthy here at Liberty Farms. Katrin is also an active biodynamic farmer, and the mother of two children: Oneida and Emmett.

Equestrian Assistant Manager - Brenna Foley
Assistant Barn Manager, Rider/Assistant Trainer/Instructor

Brenna has been riding and working with horses since she was a young girl. She studied equine studies and agriculture in both high school and college. She has worked at breeding farms, dressage training barns, and backyard farms. Besides being a very knowledgeable horsewoman she is excellent at clipping and grooming, and working with 'difficult horses' both under saddle and on the ground. Brenna is very knowledgeable in ground work, and was a participant in the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition in 2017.​

Head Gardener - Jon Ronsani
Vegetable Grower, Biodynamic Farmer, Liberty Farms Management Team

Estate+Farm Manager - Paul-Ivan Derreumaux
Organic Farmer, Stone Mason, Landscaper, Naturalist, Liberty Farms Management Team 

Paul-Ivan brings his deep respect for the natural world to everything he does. His sensitivity, warmth, and high standards are apparent as he makes high quality hay, identifies the occasional bald eagle flying over the farm, landscapes the farm grounds, builds excellent compost piles, keeps all our equipment in working order, manages all the field work, hay, the livestock and chickens, and organizes deliveries and contractors. Paul-Ivan is an organic/biodynamic farmer and the father of two children: Oneida and Emmett.

Events Manager at The BARN at Liberty Farms - Danni Uberoi

Brit-born but Brooklyn-based, Danni brings to the table her experience of marketing and events management, as well as her love of design and planning, to help bring our clients' inspirations to life.